The Physics Times Trustees

The People Who Make This Possible

The Physics Times is currently mostly funded by the founder. When The Physics Times was founded, one of its core values was to provide an Ad-free experience to people who are interested in science. Now, it is expanding and providing various news. It is also working on incorporating more volunteers into the project. All of it is provided for free by the founder’s initial funds But. after we set up the donation page, generous people started funding our project. People who donate are going to be mentioned on this page and we call them “The Trustees of The Physics Times

The Physics Times would like to extend great regards to the people who make this experience worthwhile. They are the ones who make the site ad-free and running 24/7.


  • Mekonnen, Ketsebaout
  • Shata, Yisehak
  • Demesie, Yitbarek
  • Behailu, Akewak                                       University of Colorado Boulder

 I have done a terrible thing, I have postulated a particle that cannot be detected

Wolfgang Pauli

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